Tripoli Medina Tower LD 1.5-bn contract signed

By Hadi Fornaji.

Tripoli, 11 September:

A LD 1.5-billion contract has been signed to enable work to begin on a 40-storey, luxury Tripoli seafront building.

The contract was signed at the Corinthia Hotel, Tripoli, by the managing director of the Medina Tower Joint Stock Project, Reuben Xuereb, and the project’s technical director, Bashir El-Saleh.

The Maltese-Libyan joint venture company appointed UK-based architects Sidell Gibson to design the building, which will comprise 180,000 square metres of floorspace on 40 floors.

The Turkish construction conglomerate Koray has been awarded the contract for the sub and superstructure works on Medina Tower, which will be an iconic mixed-use building in the heart of what is developing into Tripoli’s commercial centre.

Once completed, Medina Tower will offer 336 luxury apartments for sale and 26,000 metres of office space for rent. There will be a further 22,000 square metres for conference facilities, restaurants and shops, as well as a spa and extensive leisure facilities. There will also be four levels of underground parking, which will provide space for around 850 vehicles.

The combination of retail, commercial and residential units in one property is thought to be the first of its kind in Libya. Alfred Pisani, Chairman of the Corinthia Group, described Medina Tower as a “landmark development in the heart of Tripoli”.


4 responses to “Tripoli Medina Tower LD 1.5-bn contract signed

  1. Libyan سبتمبر 18, 2012 عند 1:24 م

    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله، لماذا لايقام هذا البرج في مدينة بنغازي

  2. Ali Farag سبتمبر 20, 2012 عند 2:22 م

    هل الأبراج هو ما ينقص الليبيين في هذا الظرف الصعب. حاجة اخرى مافيش اللا طرابلس يندار فيها أبراج ونصيب المناطق الأخرى اللا فيها ثروة البلاد العشش؟؟؟؟!!!! هكي اتزروا فينا على الانفصالية لا الفدرالية.

  3. Ali farag سبتمبر 20, 2012 عند 2:49 م

    بنغازي والمنطقة الشرقية بختها عطيب، الغريب أن المسئولين مصرين على الحنث العظيم في التهميش وتعزيز المركزية لا تفتيتها ويتعاملون مع المنطقة وكأنها قاصر لذا هم يستثمرون ثروثها لحساب طرابلس لانها هي ليبيا في نظرهم. تصرفات تثير القلق وتدفع الى الانفصالية لا الفدرالية.  

  4. Kamal Aoun أكتوبر 2, 2012 عند 2:32 ص

    is not all libya whose telling there no similair project in benghazi we have just started bissmillah give the goverment a chance to improve it self inchallah benghazi will be the mirror economic of libya we don’t have to prejudge the goverment ‘s behaviour we revolted against racism and we will never accept again the bad dispatching that was before just all libya will be fine inchallah we give ourselves a chance evry inche of libya will be constructed like should be

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